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Getting Started May 20, 2023

Hey there, welcome to our blog!

Unlike social networks, we built and design solutions based on open source and our intellectual properties which than is all yours. Imagine you publish your work on a custom domain, invite your audience to subscribe, send them new content by email newsletter, and offer premium subscriptions to generate sustainable recurring revenue to fund your work.

Blogging with cloud&more based on "Ghost" is an independent, open source app, which means you can customize absolutely everything. Inside the admin area, you'll find straightforward controls for changing themes, colors, navigation, logos and settings — so you can set your site up just how you like it. No technical knowledge required.

For now, you're probably just wondering what does this mean on efforts for you? We help to get you going as quickly as possible, we've pre built solutions which gives you the best technologies under one roof. One login, one URL, one place.

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Norbert Demps

Norbert has a particular taste for challenges that have other people pulling their hair out, he is the go-to man for any technical issue that seems impossible to overcome.